For this post, I want to talk about this beautiful land I was lucky to be born on: Cote d’Ivoire. Yes, my gorgeous, sweet, lush and bountiful, blessed country, I have started to slowly and surely reconnecting with. Just like an old, faithful lover, we have grown apart, but forever linked in our heart and soul.

The heart and soul of Cote d’Ivoire, is within the rich soils, the endless and deep forests, the roaring seas, the warming sun, the abundant flora and fauna, and deeper secrets that haven’t been discovered. My land gives me love, comfort, joy, pain, laughter; it feeds me, embraces me with wide open arms, and shares its wonders with anyone who can learn to cherish all those divine gifts. Between my land and I, things have not always been easy. I have rejected my land, felt offended and hurt by others trying to separate us, and I have even stepped out on my land, under the guise of greener pastures. I may have forgotten my land, and even denied it, my land has never forgotten me. Because my land is not jealous, even tough others have given me plenty reasons to abandon her, to become theirs, my land always knew that I would always come back. The reason why my land knew of my return, better than I could know, is because we have a bond that cannot be broken. A bond, so deeply rooted from generations and generations, that it would make that of the Buendias in One Hundred Years of Solitude, pale in comparison.

But lately, our love is under attack. Evil forces want to pull us apart; they want to set fire to my land, destroy what has already been tainted by violence and greed, kill the little that my land has left. My land is weak, but not dead; it gives and gives, without getting anything much in return. They pilfer, they loot, they rape, they destroy, and they lie, and still my land forgives. They want to corrupt the beauty and soul of this land and despite their efforts, my land has not lost its spirit and strength. And that’s why I love my land so much.

I will proclaim my undying love to all, forever because in the face of evil, only light can heal and chase away all those demons. My love is strong enough to fight for this land of mine, sustain the relentless and merciless attacks from evil forces. Our love will endure it all, and nothing, nothing will come between us, to separate us and divide us.


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